November 27, 2018

Hi everyone. I have been busy with procedures and resting and trying to get well. I believe this last procedure was the road GOD wanted me to take. We are just fighting and seeing what GOD time is. The last procedure was a 7 hour surgery to clean the cancer out of my right leg. They inserted a tube with hole in it into my right leg. They then shut the oxygen and blood off by applying a tourniquet to my upper leg area and applying large amounts of chemo through it. The doctors then flushed the chemo out.

The doctor said I would be in the hospital for at least three weeks, but I was able to go home in three days! With the helps of Tina and through a lot of pain, I am slowly getting back to myself and into the gym. I am not out of the woods yet though. I go for a PET scan on January of 2019. So continue to pray. I will continue having that great attitude that I have been taught by my mom, dad, coaches, and Grandmaster Patrick Wrenn.

I am so thankful this holiday season for friends, family, and those that are praying for me. And especially for an all mighty GOD that gave his SON so I do not have to worry.

Thank you everyone, and I will post another update soon.

Your buddy,

July 14, 2017

 Hello every one.   The bicycle trip across Tennessee to promote Melanoma cancer awareness was a success!  We had a lot of positive feed back, and learned that there are a lot of people suffering a lot worse than I am.  The stories I heard were encouraging yet some were really sad.  We even had cars and trucks stopping saying thank you and honking their horns giving us encouragement.  It makes me more determined than ever to start a non-profit organization to help people with cancer pay their every day bills.

There is a common theme about every story I heard: I first got cancer, was devastated mentally, then came the treatments which drained  me physically, then the bills start coming in.  Not just the doctor bills, but the every day bills; electric bill, money for gas to go to the doctor,  losing your job because you can’t do what you used to do before the cancer.  Then the depression sets in or you start feeling sorry for yourself.  Then you start loosing your car, your dogs and cats, your mobility, your house and you sink further into depression.  Then you withdraw from friends and family, think about suicide, or even commit suicide.

Tina and I think we can help people with this problem.  If you have anyone that has cancer, please have them contact me, or you contact me, and I will contact them.  In the meantime, help me get this organization started.  We can all help somebody, we just have to step forward and do it!

We will be having fund raisers before long.  Just to get the non-profit registered with the federal government and Tennessee, is going to take around $1000.

Please help us help others.  Help a buddy fight cancer!!

May 15, 2017

        Biking Across Tennessee!

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May 8,2017

        Well everyone, the time has come.  The bicycle ride across Tennessee for Melanoma Cancer Awareness is next week.  I will start my ride from Kingsport on the 15th of May and end in the 20th of May in Memphis.  I believe that GOD will be leading me on this trip to make more people aware of how bad melanoma cancer is.
       I was on WBBJ TV today and told everyone in the Jackson area about our ride.  Tom Britt, an old friend from my UTM days, interviewed me.  We did a spot for the local area and one for CBS.  He really helped get the word out!
          I really want to thank Kevin Wright, my good friend from Nashville, for his help.  Kevin, I could not have done this without your help.  We also have a new sponsor:  JRN Kentucky Fried Chicken.  So we will be eating at KFC with the Colonel while on the ride.  Please support our new sponsor.  We are still about $500 short, but I know GOD will help us through.  If you would like a shirt or want to contribute, go to: my go fund me link, or send me an email to
      Please keep us in your prayers, my wife Tina, my father-in-law Jr., and my good friend Quentin.
Your Buddy,

April 3,2017

   It is April!  Fresh flowers blooming, rain and wind and getting ready for Spring!   I am getting more ready for the bicycle ride across the state from Kingsport to Memphis.  A lot of people think it cannot be done by a 61 year old with cancer.  I am going to do it with the help of GOD and my wife, and a few of our friends.  We leave from Kingsport on May 15th and on the 16th we will be east of Knoxville.  On May 17th we will be close to Sparta then in Brentwood on the 18th.  We will be in Linden on the 19th, in Jackson near 3:30pm on this day, and on into Memphis on the 20th.  If the weather looks bad the week of May 15th, then we will go on May 22nd through the 27th. It will be a strenuous ride, but I know I can do it because with Summer coming more people need to know just how dangerous Melanoma cancer is!  May being Melanoma month, just makes that much more sense.
        My wife and I are still looking for sponsors.  I will be at Bells Bend Park for the Outdoor Extravaganza on April 8th.  Come join in the fun and contribute to this ride.  We are still around $2,000 short, and I would like to be able to start the non-profit organization Help a buddy fight cancer, after the ride with the money we have left over.  This organization will be to help people in Tennessee that because of cancer cannot pay their everyday bills.
        My treatments (called V-Tech) seem to be working.  I have at least 2 more treatments before we find out for sure whether it is killing the cancer.  Keep me in your prayers, you are in mine.
Here are the tentative times and dates for the ride:
5/15 Kingsport to east of Knoxville
Surgoinsville         9am
Mooresburg            11am
Morristown            2pm
New Market            4pm
Trentville                5-5:30pm
east of Knoxville    6:30-7pm
5/16 east of Knoxville to Sparta
Farragut                9am
Kingston                11:30-noon
Rockwood                2-2:30pm
Crab Orchard        3:30-4pm
Crossville                5pm
Sparta                    7-7:30pm
5/17  Sparta to Brentwood
Smithville                9am
Liberty                    10am
Alexandria                11-11:30am
Watertown                12:30-1pm
Lebanon                    2:30pm
Green Hill                4-4:30pm
Oak Hill                    5:30-6pm
Brentwood                7-7;30pm
5/18  Brentwood to Linden
Franklin                      8-8:30am
Spring Hill                    10-10:30am
Columbia                     12:30
Hampshire                    3-3:30pm
Gordonsburg                4:30pm
Hohenwald                    5:30-6pm
Linden                            7-7:30pm
5/19  Linden to Brownsville
Parsons                        9am
Lexington                    11am
Spring Creek                12:30
Gilmore                        1:30pm
Jackson                        3:30pm
Huntersville                    4:30pm
Brownsville                    6:30-7pm
5/20  Brownsville to Memphis
Mason                        9am
Arlington                    10:30am
east Memphis            12:30
Bass Pro Shop            3-4pm
As always, your buddy

February 10,2017

     Well friends it has been a while.  Thanks for the thoughts and prayers.  Sorry about not updating the web site, but it has been really difficult during the last part of last year and the first of this one.
       In December, right before Christmas, I could not get in the Christmas spirit no matter how hard I tried.  I could not go back to Martin ,TN to visit because the money was just not there.  Tina and I did not even send out Christmas cards this year.   It finally took the thought of a baby being born (Jesus), and the spirit of giving, to get me in the spirit on the night before Christmas.
       The last of December brought some disturbing turn of events.  Tina, in doing our weekly checks, said she could feel several “knotts” in my right leg close to the last tumor site.  There were five of these places on my leg.  They were not very big and not noticeable to the naked eye, but as January 2017 was starting the “knotts” grew larger and more noticeable.
       We notified my oncologist, Dr. Johnson, and moved up the scheduled PET scan we had planned for February to January.  The results came back that the melanoma cancer was back.  A needle biopsy proved beyond a doubt that there were at least 5 sites in my right leg.  Dr. Johnson suggested a new therapy called T Vec.  Without going through a lot of medical terms, my blood and DNA is mixed with a cancer virus and inserted back into my body at the site of the melanoma by separate needles.  The medication then searches out he cancer cells, exploding the cells and then boosts my immune system to destroy what is left of the small remnants of the cancer cells.
       February 2nd was my first treatment.  Mike Christian with the Dailey Herald even came to Vanderbilt and did a great article on what I had to go through.   One of the side effects of this treatment is flu like symptoms, including low grade fever, coughing, chills, and aching muscles.  Guess what?  I got sick on Friday the third and stayed in the bed till Sunday the fifth.  Dr. Johnson then prescribed me some antibiotics which is slowly working to get me back to normal.  Today was my first day back at the gym and I loved it!
       I am now more determined than ever to make the bicycle across Tennessee to promote melanoma cancer awareness and hopefully have enough funds left over to start the non profit organization to help others with their daily bills.  The date is still set for May 14th, 2017 from Kingsport to Memphis.  As for he future, I have three more sessions of this treatment, then we will see if this works as good on me as it has on others.
       Finally, I met a woman yesterday that was telling me her husband had melanoma.  He had more than half his shoulder and arm taken because of this deadly disease.  She said the melanoma is now back and he does not want to get a PET scan done or do any treatments.  She said he has given in to the cancer.  I gave her my phone number to have him call me so I can talk to him about how important it is to not give up.  She said she would give him my number, but doubts he will call.
      Please, if you know of anyone who has cancer, have them contact me at 931-446-0439 or and let me talk to them.  We can win this fight against cancer if we all fight together.  GOD has a plan for us all, we just have to wait for HIS time.
      Pray, keep fighting, and Never Give Up!
Love you all,

December 17, 2016

    Well friends and family, it has been a long time since our last update.  On November 15,2016, the PET scan came back negative.  What a joy!  Give GOD the glory!  But I have good days and bad days now. Sometimes I get really tired for no reason, and somedays just sick.  Since they took out most of my lymp nodes, it is easier for me to get a cold or stomach virus, or flu.  Be praying that everything goes well during the holidays.
    The bike ride donations to promote more melanoma cancer awareness is not going so good.  If you know of a company who needs a tax write off and supports cancer, please let me hav their email or better yet let them email me.  The shirts are on sale for $20 except the gym type and they are $22.  All money goes toward the ride i will be doing in May.
    If you have someone with cancer send them much love this Christmas.  Cause giving love is the best gift you could give them.

Your buddy,


October 1, 2016

Well what a fast month.  September flew by!  And now starts October.   But let’s back up.  I was diagnosed again the last of August with a melanoma tumor on my right knee close to my knee cap.  On Friday Sept. 9th I had the tumor removed.  As you can see I was in good spirits after the surgery.  But then the next weekend I got an infection where they removed the tumor.  With the help of GOD and my doctors, we got that cleared up.  But I was up and down for over a week while the antibiotics and pain pills did their work.  On Thursday Sept. 29th I was released to start training again.  On Friday Sept. 30th I went to the gym and walked 1 1/2 miles on the treadmill.  You see, I had signed up for the Walk to Fight Melanoma on Oct. 1st in Nashville.  That is a 5K walk/run!20160909_112810
On October 1st, I drove to Nashville to walk with Team Vanderbilt.  I was so inspired by the organization and the sponsors,
especially melanoma research and Bristol-Myers Squib, that I walked the whole 3.5 miles.  How about that!  There were a lot of walkers/runners, and I made some new friends.  The main thing is there was a lot of money raised to fight this deadly disease that takes a life every hour of every day.  This month I turn 61 and I am mmessage_1474124312157-1ore determined to make this Melanoma ride across the state of Tennessee in May 2017 a success.
So support this worthy quest to make more people aware of this deadly, killer disease, and to show that we that have cancer never needs to give up.  Keep on fighting cancer patients and survivors.  Continue to pray for strength for me so I can do this. For the glory of GOD!
   20161001_071937  20161001_080547
Thanks,  Your buddy

September 19, 2016

Well everyone it is Sept. 19th already and this year is really going fast. I am in my third round of fighting melanoma. I had surgery on September 9th, and thought all was well until I looked at the surgery site on my right knee. It was puffy, swollen and very painful to walk. Tina took me to Vanderbilt emergency room. There I found out I had an infection . They sent me home after 6 hours with a script for antibiotics.

I went back to see my surgeon at Vanderbilt today. She said it looked really good and for me to keep it propped up as much as I could for the next week. With GOD’s help I will be ready to walk in the Melanoma awareness walk in Nashville on October 1st.

Continue to keep Tina and I in your prayers. We know that GOD has this and we are ready with him to fight this disease. Never give up!!

Love you all,

September 5, 2016

Not feeling well today.  I do not know why.  I have surgery on my right knee to remove the new melanoma tumor onFriday, Sept. 9th at 7 am.  I want to thank all of you for your prayers.  The cancer is only on my right knee and nowhere else.  Also my heart checks out, even though the ekg showed abnormal activity.  All these are blessings.  Continue to pray,because I know GOD answers prayer.  We can whip this thing,with your prayers and GOD’s help.
After watching the Nascar race on Sunday, I am more encouraged and determined more than ever on making my bicycle trip across the state of TN in May 2017 to make more people aware of this deadly disease.  Mark Truex Jr. won.  His girlfriend has cancer,and he has started a foundation called the Mark Truex Jr. Foundation.  I hope he will help me by sponsoring us in our quest to make more people aware that cancer can strike anyone at anytime.
I will have my good friend Kevin let all of you know how the surgery goes.  I will be down for a couple of days; but feel free to write encouraging notes till then.  If you want to text me my phone number is 931-446-0439.
Thanks everyone,
love you all

August 24, 2016

Well we are in the fight again!! The cancer is back.

Hi everyone,

Since my last update, I have found out I have cancer on the top of my right knee. I went for a PET scan on August 18th and it was confirmed in my fight knee. That is the only place it is right now. It is discouraging to find out after doing so well, that this disease has struck again. They say that the third time is the charm. I pray it so!

There have been bad and good days. Life is what YOU make of it, so I am keeping a positive attitude. I tire easily some days. I am so tired other days I feel like doing nothing. I am still going to the gym when I feel like it. I am still planning on going across the great state of Tennessee on a bicycle in May 2017.

I am now taking our little girl dog, Molly, to the nursing homes one Sunday a month, and hope to start singing with a couple of my friends from church in the nursing homes soon.

But the thing that encourages me most is seeing and hearing from my family and friends that you have been keeping up with my progress. Please continue to pray for Tina and I as we navigate through this difficult time. “Believe in the LORD and HE will set you free!” I do and pray that you do too.

Love you all,

June 11, 2016


Hi everyone!  I’m sorry it has been a while, but some great things have happened and we are looking for more great things in the future.   The months of March, April And May have been trying.  In February, if you remember, I was in Vanderbilt hospital for 5 days in ICU.  The first 2 days I was actually fighting for  my life!  I was introduced to Mr. catheter, and had to wear a mini catheter even after I came out of the hospital for over 2 months.  Then in the last part of April I had to start catheterizing myself 3 times a day.  Man was that ever rough!

In May I got two real good pieces of news.  One was that I have to catheterize myself just 1 time a month, for now.  The second is just what GOD had already promised:  THE CANCER IS IN REMISSION!! How great HE is!  Praise GOD!  It is a wonderful feeling to hear those words.  Even though I still have days that I tire easily, I am cancer free……for now.  I still have to go back to the doctor every 3 months for a review to make sure the cancer stays away.

Now down to business.  I need your prayers and support again.  The “help a Buddy fight cancer” foundation is back on track.  If you don’t believe it, read the Columbia Daily Herald on 6/7/16.  We are also planning the bike ride now for May 2017 (because of my many stays in the hospital in February and my having a catheter on in March and April, my doctors thought it very unwise to do the ride this year in May).

In the near future, we will open a bank account and a new web site so people can donate to the “help a Buddy fight cancer” foundation so we can all make a difference in fighting this dreadful disease.   I just found out, a friend told me, one of his co-workers died from melanoma.  She was only 40 something!  It can strike anyone, at any age, of any race.  If you need more information, email me or leave me a message on this site.

Again thanks for your prayers.  Now help me help others fight this horrible disease!!


Your Friend Buddy

March 23, 2016

Hey everyone!  I’ve had the best last 14 days of my life in 4 years! GOD is so good.  Three weeks ago I was in Vanderbilt hospital in critical condition.   Now since giving everything to GOD , we have the cancer on the run.  Not because of me, but because of GOD and his son Jesus Christ.  Praise be to GOD!!  Miracles still do occur!

So he wants me to spread the news.  I have spoken to two different churches about what has happened to me and I have sung to glorify HIM.  I want to do the same at your church.  If you would like to hear my testimony, please email me your pastor’s phone number, or email address and I will meet with him to tell and show him w I .  For free! That is what he wants me to do. 

We will have a PET scan done in 3 to 6 weeks from April 1st to see if the  cancer has completely left my body.  I believe it has because I have asked the GREAT HEALER to destroy it.  And I believe HE has.  Join me in this realization and see what GOD can do!

Thanks as always for your prayers, and give thanks to GOD every day for what you have.

Your buddy,


March 5, 2016

emergency-room-signSorry I have not kept up the site lately. things have really been going too fast. It just feels good to relax on Saturday March 5th. I have been in the hospital two times since the start of February.

On February 10th Tina came home to find me sweating with a 102.4 temperature. She immediately took me to Maury Regional because if I have a fever over 102, I am supposed to go to the hospital emergency room. The doctors determined I had a urinary tract infection and needed anti-bionics and steroids. I stayed in Maury Regional for 4 days and was released on February 13th. My fever was gone and I felt somewhat better. On February 14th I woke up not feeling well and we stayed home from church. As the day wore on, I got feeling worse. On the 15th I stayed in the bed and on the couch. I had hot flashes (yes men, we do get them) and cold flashes. But I did not run a fever. On the 16th I felt better and ventured out of the house that morning. But by that afternoon, I started feeling worse. Tina came home for lunch, and found me sweating again, this time with a 102.8 fever. She immediately loaded me up and took me to Vanderbilt.

The Vanderbilt hospital emergency staff was great. They took my blood and found my liver and kidney count was near critical and flew into action. I was hooked up to IV’s and transferred to the intensive care unit in the ER. Later that morning a doctor came in and told me I had a very, very bad urinary tract infection and had to put in a catheter. Now men, you know that anything down there they start fooling with is going to hurt. I was really worried, until two minutes later felt a small tug and he said it was in. I was so relieved! It hurt, but really not that bad. I do not remember much after that, until I was transferred to the intensive care unit on the 11th floor in the Oncology Dept.

I stayed in Vanderbilt until the 19th when they said I was going to be discharged. My liver and kidney count had come way down (not back to normal, but close) and I had not had a fever in over 48 hours. They said my urinary tract infection was gone and there was no reason why I should be kept any longer. I had to go home with a catheter and what they call a mini- Rollie Catheter. That thing is great! You would not know I had it on, unless you lifted my pants leg. I can actually go places.

I have had the best last 8 days since 4 years ago and actually sleeping better and longer at night (thanks partially to the catheter).

But I owe everything to GOD because I believed HE would heal me. And a lot to my wonderful wife Tina, who stayed by my side, until I made her leave on the 18th. Then she surprised me by coming back on the 19th with her dad to see me.

Thanks for your continued prayers and support. Without our church family and good friends, it would be a much harder for us to face the coming months and years. You make it sooooo much better.

All my love,
And remember……GOD is in control!!

January 5, 2016

Waiting It is January 5th and my headache is not any better.  I am sitting in Maury Regional Hospital.  The nurse comes in and gives me something for my headache.  Man it hurts.  It is 8 p.m. and the nurse said they are going to transfer me to Vanderbilt.  I ask her if Tina could transport me by car and she said no I have to go by ambulance.
I arrive at Vanderbilt around 8 p.m. at the emergency room.  They keep me in the emergency room, because the hospital is full, till up in the morning of the 6th ( I do not know what time).
I finally get a room and the nurse tells me there are a battery of tests that they are going to do on me (at least 6-10).  I am told after the first 5 tests that because of an enlargement of my Pituitary Gland and the cancer medication, I have had a stroke in the last 3 weeks.  They tell me my sugar is very high and I will have to start taking insulin shots (4 a day) until my sugar gets back to normal.
Spinal Tap
The last test I have is a spinal tap.  Ladies you know what I’m talking about!  They deaden a spot on your spinal column, then they stick a needle in your back to draw spinal fluid off.  It is a very excruciating experience!!  I thought I was going to break the bed rail, I was holding so tight.
By the time I left Vanderbilt on January 7th at 4:00 p.m., I had seen at least 20 doctors.  I know all this sounds wild, but it happened.  I know there is a purpose for this and I know that GOD is in control.  I still covet your prayers for me and my family.  I pray everyday for those of us who have this disease.
Keep the faith my friends, and a positive attitude.  Till next time!
Thanks for stopping by!
Your buddy,



December 31, 2015

It is December 31st and I”m celebrating New Years eve here at Vanderbilt. I”‘ll be my “cocktail” costs more than yours. Mine will cost today only around $50,000 and will last 4 1/2!! How about that?

But GOD is so good to me. I have a lot of nurses to take care of me as you can see. I am true my blessed. After staying at Vanderbilt starting at 11 am, we arrived home at 8:30 pm. My prayer for all of my followers, is that GOD richly blesses you and your family in 2016! It will be a better year for us all! Much love,

Your buddy,


December 18, 2015

Hi everyone. I had my second infusion on Dec. 18th. I am now having rash problems all over my body, I have scratched these areas until they bleed. Dr. Johnson has given me some medication to help with that.

I am now also not sleeping well. I guess with the effects of the drugs, the mental anguish, the physical problems, and the financial problems that come with this disease, it is weighing on me. With GOD’s help, I will keep going.

I am sorry for anything I might have said or done to offend anyone. This cancer has a way of distancing people from you. It is hard at times…….harder at others. Unless you have been through it, you really can’t understand. That is why I have to stay positive.

I will be going back to Vanderbilt on December 31 for my third infusion. How about that! Celebrating New Years Eve in a chair for 4 1/2 hours. I will get some pictures to share with you then.

I want to wish everyone, A very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

Your buddy,



November 22, 2015

I met with my oncologist at Vanderbilt Hospital the first of November and we talked about 5 options to fight the cancer that is now going up my right leg and spreading.  I picked the most dangerous, but the most promising treatment with the best results.  

 On November 19th, I started an infusion therapy at Vanderbilt with two experimental drugs.  These two drugs I will have to take every three weeks,  a total of four different times ( a 12 week treatment), then 1 drug every 2 weeks after that for 2 years.  These drugs have a 60% chance of effectiveness against melanoma.  It also has the more dangerous side effects, but it is something that GOD has led me to do.  

The first infusion has been a new experience for me.  I had to sit in a chair for over 4 hours, while these drugs were pumped into me through an iv.  If you know me, you know how hard that was for me to do.  As of November 22, I have no real bad side effects, but i am itching a lot and my right foot hurts.  The doctors have told me that is normal.  

The pharmacist that works with my doctor came in and explained the procedure I would be going through.  She also told me that by the time two years are up, just my medicine alone would be over $1,000,000.  Wow that was a shocker!   

Now you know why we have this web site.  There are no programs to help the middle class people like me, so with the money raised we will be able to help others with their daily bills to ease the pressure of the financial part of this killing disease.   We are also going to start a go fund me site pretty soon to help us with our bills.  

Please keep me and my family in your prayers.  Also drop me a line of encouragement sometime.  I have learned that that is so important for people like me to stay positive.  

Thank you for visiting, and if you want a t-shirt, just e-mail me.

Your Buddy,